Real Estate Services Division

Inventory of County Owned Real Property

Real Estate Services maintains an inventory of all real property owned by Charlotte County.

Charlotte County 2013 Inventory (15MB PDF)

All parcels included in the inventory are identical to the County Owned properties identified by the Property Appraiser as part of his overall property record management. A map showing all County owned property can be found at the GIS web site. The GIS map also includes links to the Property Appraiser’s web site where you can access information on any particular lot.

Real Estate Services Forms

Application for Release-Occupation of Easement
Agents Authorization for Release-Occupation of Easement
Affidavit for Release-Occupation of Easement
Sample Agreement to Encroach on County Easement
Application to Occupy County Right-of-Way
Agents Authorization to Occupy County Right-of-Way
Affidavit to Occupy County Right-Of-Way
Sample Agreement to Encroach on County Right-of-Way
Application for Lot Donation