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Group Benefits Program

Charlotte County provides all full-time employees with a Group Plan of Life, Health, Dental and Vision benefits.  The following is a brief summary of your plan of benefits. Refer to it when you have any questions. You will find a more detailed explanation on health benefits in the Employee Health Benefit Plan handbook. Please call the Insurance/Risk Management Office if you have any questions about your benefits.


The County covers all full-time employees with Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment. All employees under age 65 will have Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage equal to two times their basic annual salary, rounded to the next lower $1,000 subject to a maximum benefit of $50,000. Be sure to keep your beneficiary current at all times. Forms are available in the Insurance/Risk Management Office if you need to make a change in your beneficiary.

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There are certain circumstances that are referred to as status changes. When one of these status changes occur, you can add dependents to your coverage at the time of the change. You would not have to wait until open enrollment, however all status changes need to be done within 30 days of the event.

Some examples of status changes are:
A Marriage - a new spouse is eligible for coverage on the date of marriage.

New baby or an adoption - A newborn is covered from the moment of birth, but you must sign them up within 30 days of birth. An adopted child is eligible for coverage the date the child is placed in an employee's home in anticipation of legal adoption.

Termination of other insurance coverage - If a spouse terminates employment where he/she had health insurance coverage and is without insurance, he/she could be added to your coverage at that time and not wait for open enrollment.

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The Employee Assistance Program is a free benefit available to all employees and members of their immediate family. It is administered by CIGNA who guarantee total confidentiality. View the EAP Brochure.

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The Dental plan is administered by CIGNA, the following outlines the benefits: View Schedule

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