Charlotte County Sustainability Programs, Resources Conservation and Green Initiatives

SustainabilityCharlotte County is committed to protecting our natural resources and preserving our beautiful county. Various departments within Charlotte County are working towards a more sustainable future that is driven by our Mission—To be the energy in making Charlotte County a beautiful and enriching place to live—and by our Stewardship Vision: being committed to being good stewards of our resources.

The term "sustainability" is used in Charlotte County to describe activities that include, but are not limited to, the following goals: efficient energy use, increased economic opportunities, improved environmental protection or restoration efforts, and smart growth that promotes livable communities.

  • Green Local Government Certification – Charlotte County Government has been certified as Green Local Government by the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) after demonstrating Green practices in its department functions. The FGBC is a non-profit third party certifier and their standard presents a comprehensive list of criteria organized in terms of local government department roles. The standard does not only serve to evaluate the County's current level of sustainability, but also is used as a process to improve performance, increase productivity and save money and other resources in the governmental operations.
  • Efficient Energy Use - Energy efficiency is considered in all new projects, renovations and retrofits. These projects reduce energy consumption and result in energy cost savings. A typical energy efficiency project has a return on investment of 6 years. In other words, a project must pay for itself in energy savings in 6 years. 
  • Increase Economic Opportunities - The Economic Development Office’s mission is to encourage the recruitment of diversified high impact industry to the county, to create high skill, high wage jobs, and to help diversify the economy and create a sustainable tax base. Our economic development portfolio has recently been expanded to include additional target industries, which are: Green Technologies, Renewable Energy, Medical Information Technology, and Life Sciences. These industries now qualify for various County and State incentives.
  • Improve Environmental Protection or Restoration Efforts - Along with Charlotte County’s value of stewardship our Natural Resources Division helps to protect, restore, and conserve the environmental resources of Charlotte County, such as the valuable ecosystems, along with plant and animal species.
  • Smart Growth that Promotes Livable Communities - SMART Charlotte 2050 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Board of County commissioners on July 20, 2010. GreenQuest

Solar Rebates for Residential Customers - Now Accepting Applications

As part of a five-year pilot program authorized by the Florida Public Service Commission, FPL is offering rebates of $1,000 for every new residential solar water heater. The rebate is available to all existing FPL residential customers with electric or gas water heating. More information at FPL's website.

Educational Videos:

  • Fenestrations (Windows) Basics - 8/11/11 - Learn about the importance of windows in energy efficiency. Why they should meet the wind speed requirements and design pressures? What is the importance of using windborne debris protection (shutters) for disaster mitigation? Proper selection and installation of windows are a key factor of saving money in the operations of any building. Presented by Jim Heise, member of the Board of Directors of the Fenestration Manufacturers Association (FMA) and Public Affairs & Code Specialist for PGT Industries.
  • Green Real Estate - 3/31/11 - Is green building profitable? Is green just an Environmental concept or is it also a good business and financial practice? Is a good deal to buy and own a green certified building? Learn about the advantage of building green, investing in green and selling green real estate.
    Presented by Sandra K. Adomatis, SRA
  • Low Impact Development - 3/17/11 - Learn the basics of Low Impact Development (LID), why it is important and what can be done to implement the LID principles. LID is a powerful storm-water management technology for the protection and restoration of our water resources. It is the most economically and ecologically sustainable technology yet developed for urban storm-water management. Presented by Jack Merriam, Environmental Manager from Sarasota County Government.
  • Greening Charlotte County
  • Protecting our Coastal Systems: Sustainability Educational Forum - 9/30/10 - Presentation from Pinellas County UF-IFAS extension on how to protect and conserve natural systems along the coast, associated risks for developing along the coast, identify natural hazards, and reduce our vulnerability to such hazards.
  • Alternative Travel Options - 8/5/10 - Learn how alternative travel options, like carpooling and bicycling, can be fun and can help you to save money, be healthier and be more sustainable. It is easy! Help is available and free. Presented by Commuter Services.

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Julia C. Galofre
Building Code & Sustainability Specialist
PX, BN, DEP Stormwater Management Inspector