Mosquito & Aquatic Weed Control

Mosquito Control Spray Schedule

The following lists the Date & Time for Mosquito Control Spraying as well as the County Boundary Map ID reference for the area to be sprayed. 
To find your area ID number, click to view 
Ground Spray Boundary Map    or     Aerial Spray Boundary Map

Map ID
  Date    Time    Type    Note  
 7      8/4/2015    Sunset to Sunrise    Aerial Spray      
 7A      8/4/2015    Sunset to Sunrise    Aerial Spray      
 9      8/4/2015    Sunset to Sunrise    Aerial Spray      
 5      8/4/2015    Sunset     Ground Spray      
 11      8/4/2015    Sunset    Ground Spray      
 18      8/4/2015    Sunset     Ground Spray      
 20      8/4/2015    Sunset    Ground Spray      


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