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Required Documents for Online Applications

  1. Additional Signage Site Plan
  2. Additional Signage - Property Owners Consent and Affidavit
  3. Duct Inspection Certification

Permitting Forms

The permitting process continues to be upgraded with the intent to streamline the process. To determine which forms are needed for your particular building need, please go to How do I apply for a permit. This will ensure that when your application arrives at the Building Division, you will have all of the necessary forms so your permit application will not be delayed and you will not be inconvenienced. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us.

  1. Abandoned & Vacant Property Registration
  2. Affidavit Program
  3. Affidavit - Building Site Contains No County or Public Utility Structures
  4. Affidavit - Fire Hydrants
  5. Affidavit - Sewer Septic
  6. Affidavit - Contractor Affidavit - Sewer Test
  7. Affidavit - Electrical Inspection for Restoration of Electrical Power
  8. Affidavit - Plans Review & Inspection affidavit for Single Family Residences
  9. Affidavit - Special Foundation
  10. Affidavit - Re-roofing Retrofit Inspection
  11. Application for Construction Permit - 3 page
  12. Application for Construction Permit - 2 page
  13. Application for Construction Permit with Charlotte County Utilities Forms
  14. Application for Construction Permit Packet, Commercial (This packet contains all the forms necessary to apply for a Commercial Building permit including the Charlotte County Utility forms)
  15. Application for Construction Permit Packet, Single Family Residence (Includes all forms necessary for Residential Bldg. Permit and Charlotte Co. Utility forms)
  16. Change of Contractor Check List
  17. Damage Report Worksheet
  18. Mobile Home & RV Permit Application
  19. Notice of Commencement
  20. Owner/Builder Statement
  21. Owner/Builder Statement - Electrical
  22. Owner/Builder Statement - Asbestos
  23. Plans Change/Resubmit Form
  24. Private Provider Registration Forms
  25. Request for Appeal to the Building Code
  26. Request for Variance to the Building Code
  27. Residential Data Summary Sheet
  28. Residential Pool/Spa or Above Ground Pool | Residential Pool/Spa - Fact Sheet
  29. Residential Use Master-Filed Shed Application/Permit
  30. Roof Application
  31. Sign Permit & Property Owner’s Consent Form
  32. Sign – Additional Signage
  33. Storm Water Review Application
  34. Subcontractor Worksheet
  35. Subcontractor Change Form
  36. Trade Permit - Combo
  37. Trade Permit - Fire
  38. Trade Permit - Roof
  39. Trade Permit - Windows & Doors
  40. Application for HVAC Replacement Permit - Commercial
  41. Duct Inspection Certification
  42. Permit Research Request

Licensing Forms

  1. Application for Contractors Exam
  2. Certificate of Competency
  3. Certificate of Use
  4. Local Business Tax Receipts - Effective August 1, 2008, New Local Business Tax Receipts or Local Business Tax Receipt renewals will now be issued from the Tax Collector's office, Administration building, 18500 Murdock Circle, Room 241, Port Charlotte, FL 33953. The office is located on the second floor. Local Business Tax Receipt Renewals can be renewed online. Please call 941.743.1350 for inquiries.
  5. State Certified Contractor Registration Form - Contractors will need to apply for the Local Business Tax Receipt also. To apply, please go to the Charlotte County Tax office.
  6. Taxi Driver/Vehicle for Hire Inspection Packet (This packet includes the rules and procedures and forms for inspection and permit.)
  7. Inactive Form
  8. Change of Information Form


Zoning Forms

  1. Administrative Appeal of Zoning Official's Determination Application
  2. Site Plan Review Application
  3. Planned Development Application to the Site Plan Review Process
  4. Residential Fence Permit
  5. Change of Occupancy Application
  6. Dock & Shoreline Electric Affidavit
  7. Easement Encroachment Agreement
  8. Landscape Bond Worksheet
  9. Landscape Permit Application
  10. Portable Canopies
  11. Letter of No Objection
  12. Minor Home Occupation Application
  13. Residential Seawall/Riprap Quick Permit
  14. Residential Dock/Boat Lift Quick Permit
  15. Sign Dimensions Form
  16. Special Event/Temporary Use Application
  17. Special Exception Application
  18. Temporary Advertising Device Permit - Manasota/Charlotte Harbor CRA only
  19. Time Extension Application
  20. Tree Ordinance Exemption
  21. Tree Permit Application
  22. Tree Point Worksheet
  23. Tree Bond Worksheet
  24. Tree Buy-out Option
  25. Variance Application
  26. Variance Application - Administrative
  27. Affidavit of Applicant for Accessory Structures
  28. Sign Permit & Property Owner's Consent Form
  29. Sign - Additional Signage

Planning Forms

  1. DRI Approval, Deviation and Amendment Application
  2. DRI NOPC Application
  3. Small Scale Map Amendment
  4. Small Scale Map Amendment and Rezoning
  5. Rezoning
  6. Planned Development Rezoning
  7. Large Scale Map Amendment
  8. Large Scale Text Amendment
  9. Student Impact Analysis for School Concurrency
  10. Final Plat Application
  11. Plat Vacation
  12. Preliminary Plat Application
  13. Street Vacation Application
  14. Land Split Determination Application
  15. Subdivision Variance Application
  16. Transfer Density Units to a Receiving Zone
  17. Certify Density Units from a Sending Zone
  18. Request a Variance
  19. Form to Transfer Certificated Density Units

Excavation and Earthmoving Forms

  1. Group I Excavation Application (approved by BCC on October 27, 2009)
  2. Group II and III Excavation Application (approved by BCC July 28, 2009)
  3. Group IV Excavation Application (approved by BCC on October 27, 2009)
  4. Excavation Activity Status Report
  5. Excavation Exemption Request
  6. Administrative Excavation Permit Amendment
  7. Stockpiling Request Form
  8. Filling of an Excavation Request Form